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Whitezone ensures multiple layers of protection for Safety of Patients & families, staff along with associate Dr families also Medical / Dental representatives visitors safety.



Enhanced Safety Protocols combatting 2019-nCoV under WHO guidelines to ensure 100% sterile clinic for staff, patients and attendants.


Patient Screening

Temperature checks using infrared thermometers and Oxygen level checks using Pulse Oximeters are done to ensure that patients are ready to be treated.


Clinician Safety

Fresh sterilised Nitrile gloves are used by all clinical staff for every patient. Dentists and assistants use N95/KN95 and an over-mask to cover the faces.


Patient PPE

PPE for patients – Gloves, facemask, hair cap and shoe covers


Daily Clinic Fumigation

Daily Clinic cold Fumigation with Siver Hydrogen peroxide


Scalene Hypercharge Canon

Scalene Hypercharge Canon disables air and surface-borne viruses


Sanitization every hour

We provide Sanitization every hour with Silver Hydrogen peroxide


Post patient Sanitization

Once the patient leaves, the dentist and staff can remove their gear – and the surgical area is cleared, sanitised and the instruments are autoclaved.

Our Services


Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a process of lightning the colour of the teeth. Traditionally, white teeth are considered more attractive.

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Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning is also known as prophylaxis. It is done to remove mineralized plaque from teeth which may develop over time..

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Whitening is among the most popular dental procedures because it can greatly improve how your teeth look.

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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal is a treatment done in order to save an infected and painful tooth. It involves sealing the tooth after..

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Braces Treatment

Dental Braces are a frame-like device meant to straighten teeth and improve dental health. Typically braces are meant..

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Child Dentistry

Who are Child Dentists/ Paediatric Dentists? Paediatric dentist are specialized professionals who are dedicated to oral health..

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Dental Implant

A dental implant is a surgically positioned titanium post which allows a dentist to mount a replacement tooth to that area.

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Best Modern Dental Clinic in Kolkata

Welcome To White zone

White zone Dental clinic is one of the best dental clinic in Tollygunge Kolkata, where our best dentists Dr. Biswajit Panda and Dr.Krishnakali provides affordable dental treatments. Also Dr.Panda is connected to many dental clinic across Kolkata.

Dr. Panda completed his post graduate course implantology from SDM College of dental science & Biohorizons Inc.USA. Certified for LASER application by DENTSPLY ACADEMY. He also completed aesthetic dentistry training from New York University.

He accompanies an excellent experience of effectively sculpting more than 2000 smiles in past years of dental practice. His kneen eye for better parts of dental feel and deliberate way to deal with treatment are valued by the patients looking for better smiles.

Whitezone dental clinic has been setting benchmarks for dentistry in Kolkata ever since its advent. With Dr. Biswajit Panda at the helm of its operations, whitezone dental clinic has been consistently providing quality dental treatments to the residents of city of joy. The secret to our unmatched success is the collaborative approach to treatment that we take. Our treatments and procedures are a conglomeration of our desire to heal and the patients’ wish to recover. We achieve this by fostering a positive environment where the only that thrives is the patients’ smile. It is this belief which makes us the best dental clinic in Kolkata.

Whitezone is a multispeciality dental clinic where all dental services can be availed at very competitive prices. All the treatments that we provide have certain nuances which makes them stand out from treatments given at other clinics. For instance, we are the only clinic to provide completely painless root canal treatment in Kolkata.

Apart from being the best in what we do, we also provide the widest spectrum of choices when it comes to our treatment. Our treatment plan is flexible and there is atleast one available for every type of patient. Our flexibility and customisability is also evident in the variety of braces that we keep under our roof. By the permutation and combination of various colours and materials and types of braces, patients can experience one of a kind braces treatment in Kolkata, only at whitezone dental clinic.

Our friendly team of doctors and compassionate staff listen to the patient whole-heartedly to the patients and their problems. There is nothing known as ‘asking too many questions’, according to the virtues which whitezone believes. Questioning leads to transparency and a transparency leads to patient satisfaction. A satisfied patient is one with a better peace of mind. All of this is a progenitor to positive vibes which we believe is essential to quick recovery. Our knack of answering questions bodes well with children too. May be this is the reason they love us. Our child-friendly interiors and painless procedures chip in too. We surely are the most loved clinic when it comes to child dentistry in Kolkata.


There is no room obsoleteness inside the premises of whitezone. We keep our instruments cluster up to date. As the technology surrounding the world of dentistry improves, so does our clinic. All new gadgets and dentistry gizmos and techniques can be with us. Whether you are looking for a regular dental check-up or simple procedures like scaling in Kolkata or even complex cosmetic dentistry processes, come to us, as you will be treated with the latest and the greatest. We aspire to grow by giving you the best, as we always have and as we always will.


One of our unique selling propositions is the fact we cater to people of all ages with the same grace. Whether it is the missing teeth your father’s jaw or the misaligned teeth in your child’s, whitezone dental clinic will treat both of them with the same grace. We also guarantee to provide the quickest recovery time to every treatment we do. Perhaps one of the reasons for high rate of satisfaction in our patients is the absence of post-procedure complications. Our treatment plans are grafted in such a way that there is no room for complications after surgery to creep in. We also enlist a number of precautionary measures to be followed in order to get the maximum out of the treatment. Your father and your child might walk into whitezone with oral problems, but all they leave with is smiles on their faces.

Seeing a patient getting their smile completed by the help of implants or dentures is a very surreal feeling. We take pride in our impeccable dental implants treatment which makes us the most coveted clinic for dental implants in Kolkata.

Even simple procedures like teeth whitening are carried out with utmost precision. Our doctors also serve as myth busters. Misunderstood processes are explained to you in great detail. For instance, some people believe that professional teeth whitening can be attained at home as well. We have explained patients why that is not possible and how whitening treatments at whitezone last longer than the ones from anywhere else. The patients who have undergone our whitening treatment, recommend us to everyone. Such recommendations assert our belief that we are best clinic for teeth whitening in Kolkata.

On the topic of perfecting smiles, we would like to mention about our enviable team of cosmetic dentists who carry out their work with such supremacy that it is becomes impossible to tell the difference between the natural and cosmetic ones. Our clinic offers a host of cosmetic services including smile designing. Experienced doctors and modern apparatuses allow us to give you such perfect smiles which are at par the international standard. Strong reviews and word of mouth have made us the most sought clinic for smile designing in Kolkata.

In consistency with our vision of delivering painless smiles, we have found ways in which even dreaded procedures like wisdom teeth removal become easy. We even offer single sitting facilities so that our patients do not have to undergo the hassle of multiple surgeries. Combine with an unbeatable package price with no hidden costs, and it explains why people looking for wisdom tooth surgery in Kolkata always come to whitezone.

Whitezone dental clinic also has the most distinguished team of orthodontist in Kolkata. We have had patients from other cities visiting whitezone due to the benchmark set by our orthodontists couldn’t be matched in their hometown.


Come allow us to serve you with diligence and care. We are whitezone dental clinic and we believe in delivering everlasting smiles for a dime.


Your Comfort is Our Goal

  • A kind and caring dental team
  • State-of-the-art dental equipment
  • On-time appointments
  • Warm and inviting exam rooms
  • A comfortable reception area with beverage bar
  • We also offer Sedation Dentistry!

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