Top Dental Bridges & Crowns in Kolkata

What are dental bridges and crowns?

Dental bridges are appendages which bridge the gap created by one or more missing teeth. A bridge is made out of one or more crown adhered to natural teeth on either side. The two teeth which support the bridge are called abutment teeth. Bridges can be made of gold, silver, alloys or porcelain.

A dental crown is like a cap which sits in shape of a tooth which sits on top of another tooth. Dental crowns cover the entire tooth above the gum when fixed properly. They are used to improve the size, shape and appearance of a slightly damaged tooth.

Who needs dental bridges and crowns?

Dental bridges are needed by people who have one of more teeth missing from an otherwise healthy mouth. Dental bridges improve facial posture and help in chewing of food. They also prevent the teeth adjacent to the gap from growing obliquely.

Dental crowns on the other hand are needed to protect a weak or broken tooth, to cover a bridge, to hide a discoloured tooth or cover a dental implant.

How long does the process take?

The process to get a dental bridge or a crown will atleast take two visits to the dentist. Some individual may require more visits.

Is the process painful?

The process involving both bridges and crowns are painless. The patient might feel pain when sedation subsides. But this soreness and uneasiness fades away gradually.

How much does the process cost?

Both the dental crowns and bridges can have variable cost depending upon the dentist and material used. Gold is more expensive than its alloy counterparts.

Are dental bridges and crowns safe?

Both the processes are mostly safe but there might be complication in relation to allergies. It is highly recommended to discuss your allergens with the dentist before choosing the materials.