What is Smile Makeover?


A smile makeover is a dental procedure in which teeth and gums are modified to create wider, whiter and straighter smiles. Smile makeover can help a desiring individual acquire a smile of his/her dreams.


Who needs a smile makeover?


A smile makeover is for any individual who isn’t happy with his/her current smile. A smile makeover can make one look younger and more attractive. Some people attribute a good smile with career advancements. A good smile can give you the confidence and vibrancy to make leaps in your career.


How long does the procedure take?


Since smile makeover is a highly customised process, approximating the treatment during is not possible. It depends upon the number of processes involved and the number of appointments required to complete each process.


Is the procedure painful?


Depending upon the kind and number of processes involved, the entire ordeal may include little to no pain. Though there might be little inconveniences, modern techniques and sedation has eliminated most of it.


How much is the cost of the procedure?


Smile makeover is a highly customisable process and therefore the cost will vary greatly from individual to individual.


Is it a safe process?


Although smile makeover is known to be a very safe process, there might be very minor risks depending upon your dental health. A dentist usually discusses these on the very first appointment with the patient.