Painless Root Canal Treatment In Kolkata


Root canal treatment or RCT as it is famously known, is a name enough scary to instil fear in minds of children and adults alike. To be honest, if we were you, we would be scared too. But we are Whitezone Dental Clinic, and we know NO PAIN. We are the only dental clinic in Kolkata to provide painless Root Canal Treatment.

To understand why the treatment of root canal is associated with pain, let us try to thoroughly understand what root canal treatment really is. Every tooth is made up of three parts – the outer hard white layer is called the enamel, the middle hard layer is called the dentin and innermost layer is called the pulp. The pulp is a soft tissue which contains connective tissue, nerves and blood vessels. These blood vessels help the root of the tooth to grow during the development phase of the tooth. In a fully matured tooth, the pulp plays little to no function. So when the pulp becomes infected, it is removed and the cavity is sealed with fillings. This process is called root canal. In absence of a root canal treatment, the damage may spread to surrounding tissues and may cause widespread infection.

Painless root canal treatment in Kolkata

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    The symptoms for a root canal are easily identifiable. But these symptoms may hint at other tooth predicament too. Therefore it becomes necessary to visit us if you experience one or more of the symptoms. These symptoms are

    • Persistent Toothache – Experiencing pain while doing normal activities like chewing and talking, might be an indication that a root canal may be needed. Visit us so that our doctors can examine and determine if the root canal is really needed. All procedures will be painless.
    • Cracked or chipped tooth – Teeth can get chipped or cracked by chewing hard food or due a sudden forceful jerk. A cracked tooth exposes the nerve fibres and makes prone to infection. Infection in the tooth root can enter bloodstream and cause further complexities. Therefore it is advisable to get a root canal at the earliest.
    • Increased sensitivity – Every tooth has its natural level of sensitivity to heat and cold. Any increase in this sensitivity can be an indication that something is wrong. If drinking something hot or cold causes a sharp pang of pain in your tooth, chances are that the teeth may require root canal treatment. Our dentist can do it for you in the most painless way.
    • Swelling in the gum area – Swollen gums indicate a problem beneath the surface. They may be due to a number of reasons, one of which is infected tooth pulp.
    • Sudden discoloration of the tooth – A discoloured tooth may be due to bad oral hygiene or eating habits, or it may due to a damaged nerve pulp. If you have discoloured teeth, look for other symptoms. Moreover, the discoloration due to root infection will tend to be more localised as compared to a stained tooth.
    • Tooth decay – Once a tooth has acquired a cavity, brushing and flossing cannot get rid of it. If left untreated, tooth decay will infiltrate the pulp and infect it. In such a case only a root canal is the only procedure which can save the tooth.
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    A root canal treatment requires multiple visits to the dentist. The treatment starts with a X-ray of the tooth. The X-ray helps in determining the shape of the root canal and in inspecting the spread of infection in surrounding bones.


    The next step is administration of anaesthesia. This is very crucial because a less amount of anaesthesia will not properly sedate the person whereas, an overdose may lead to various complications. Doctors at Whitezone have mastered the art of anaesthesia and are certain to give you just the right doze.


    A rubber dam is next placed inside the mouth in order to keep the mouth dry and free from saliva. A hole will be drilled into the tooth to get access inside. The infected part, along with the pulp and broken debris is then taken out using root canal files. The tooth is periodically cleaned using water or sodium hypochlorite solution.


    After cleaning the tooth, the dentist decides when to seal the teeth. If there is infection, the dentist may prescribe medicines and wait for a week before filling. Some dentists use a temporary filling and allow the area to heal for a week. If there is little or no infection, the dentist decides to fill the tooth on the same day. The decision of when to fill the tooth is taken by the dentist depending upon the nature of the infection. Dentists may also use temporary caps to keep contaminants out of the cavity till the time permanent filling is done.


    During the filling procedure which may be the same or the next day, a rubber compound is placed in root canal and a filler paste is used to fill the interior of the tooth. A filling is then used to fill the access hole.


    After this comes the final step – restoration of the teeth. A tooth needing RCT is often damaged and decayed, therefore restoration is needed after RCT. Restoration also helps in increasing the longevity of the tooth. There are many methods of tooth restoration such as crowns; the dentist will discuss these beforehand.

    Years of professional expertise has allowed the team at Whitezone make the process of root canal absolutely painless. While some of the secrets behind our patented procedure cannot be revealed, we generally thrive on not repeating the same mistakes others make.

    The commonly made mistakes during RCT are

    1. Insufficient amount of anaesthesia
    2. Old and obsolete mechanical instrument
    3. Absence of the right medication in the tooth

    Doctors make one or more of the aforementioned errors which make RCT one of the most dreaded procedures in the field of health. Patients sometimes hilariously claim to have anxiety levels comparable to having a by-pass surgery.


    But the team at Whitezone has expertise which prevents them to make any of the three mistakes discussed above. Pair this with the fact that we use special in-house techniques and modern tools and the result is a totally painless RCT.

    Most root canal treatments require very time for recovery and the patients can resume normalactivities from the very next day. There may be inflammation in the gums and uneasiness in theteeth, but these go away very quickly and can also be controlled with simple medication.However one precaution that is advised – till the time the entire process is done, that is, if youare having any temporary appendage to cover the access hole, chewing from the operatedtooth is discouraged.

    RCT is a highly successful procedure enjoying a success rate upto 95%. A lot of treatments are known to last a lifetime. Here at WHITEZONE, we boast of a 100% success rate when it comes to RCT procedures.


    Despite its very high success rate, there are certain complications that are associated with a RCT. Subsequent infection may arise in due to one of the following reasons


    • Errors in detecting the number of teeth which needed root canal treatment – If one of more teeth with root infection is not diagnosed, the infection may spread to other teeth even after a successful RCT.
    • Overlooked crack at the root of the teeth – If there is a crack at the root of the tooth, the tooth has to be replaced. A RCT will not fix the issue. An undetected crack will create issues after RCT.
    • Faulty restoration method apparatus – A badly done restoration can permeate bacteria to develop over time.

    Whitezone is proud to say that none of our RCT procedures have yielded any complications.
    Our doctors are extra vigilant and every step during the process is cross checked so as to leave
    no room for complications to creep in.

    It is difficult to foreshadow the cost of a RCT. The cost depends upon the tenure of the treatment, extent of infection, choice of restoration techniques. But Whitezone dental clinic promises to return you best value for money deals. We believe in delivering smiles for a dime and with no pain, and we can go miles to meet our motto.


    • It is said that prevention is better than cure, and rightly so. Since root canal problems arise out of an infection, there is little that can be done. However, there are a few precautions that can be exercised
    • Maintaining a good oral hygiene is mandatory to minimise the chance of infection. Regular brushing, flossing and mouthwash can help.
    • Avoiding the consumption of food items that are hard to chew. This minimises the chance of tooth cracking. We already know that cracked teeth are more prone to infections.
    • Wearing a mouth guard during adventure sports to reduce the chances of trauma and subsequent teeth cracking.


    • Our RCT procedure is completely painless
    • We complete the entire process in the least number of possible appointments
    • Attractive packages available
      100% success rate
    • No history of post-process complexities