Child Dentist in Kolkata

Child Dentist/ Paediatric Dentist

Choosing a dentist for your child can be a daunting task. Every child is different and they need something more the mere clinical expertise. Dental treatment can be a harrowing experience for a child and therefore a child dentist needs to be compassionate and understanding of the child’ psyche. His hands should be so swift and so sleight that the child does not feel even an ounce of pain. These qualities are hard to come by, but doctors at Whitezone dental clinic have acquired them through years of experience and learning.


Teeth Growth In Child

The process of teeth development in children starts soon after the child reaches the age of six months. This start of this development is subjective and may vary from child to child. These teeth are deciduous teeth. When the child reaches the age of 6-7 years, these teeth fall. They are replaced by a set of permanent teeth. Even though the first set of teeth in children is temporary, their maintenance is important; otherwise they may be decay or acquire other diseases which can cause lifelong pain and complications

Child dentist in Kolkata

Who Are Child Dentists/ Paediatric Dentists?

Paediatric dentist are specialized professionals who are dedicated to oral health of children right from infancy to their adolescence. Child dentists also care for patients with special needs. Some of the issues catered by paediatric dentists are late teething (little or no development of teeth in infants), misaligned teeth and tooth decay. Though milk teeth of children fall off at a certain age, their maintenance is important for overall hygiene of the child.
A child dentist undergoes two additional years of residency training in dentistry for infants, children, teens, and children with special needs


Who Needs To Visit Paediatric Dentists?

Infant, children and teenagers who have issues with their teeth or oral hygiene are required to visit a child dentist. A child dentist undergoes three years of training after graduating from a dental college, so they are the best at addressing the aforementioned predicaments.

Teenagers sometimes prefer consulting a regular dentist in place of a pedodontist, however a child dentist is better equipped at treating the dental problems that teenagers face.

Why Treat The Temporary Teeth Of Children, If They Are Not Permanent?

As mentioned earlier, maintaining the temporary teeth of children is equally important as their permanent counterparts. There are a number of reasons for the same:


  • Proper eruption of permanent teeth is guided by good health of temporary teeth.
  • The development of permanent teeth can be hindered by poor growth of temporary teeth
  • Primary teeth help in maintaining good nutrition by means of thorough chewing
  • They allow children to speak better by aiding in the development of speech
  • A good and healthy smile is important for the child’s confidence and his sense of self worth

Not treating the teeth can result in a patient becoming in serve pain and possibly developing an abscess. An Abscess is a collection of pus that has accumulated in a cavity formed within a tissue because of an inflammatory process in response to either an infection process, usually caused by bacteria. An abscess can be very dangerous and lead to swelling and severe pain.

What Are The Different Services Covered Under Child Dentistry?

In addition to certain special services, a child may need some of the services the adults need.


Cleansing And Regular Examination

Getting your child’s teeth regularly checked is an important part of maintaining your child’s oral health. During these routine examinations, our dentists will

  • Check for unseen and unfelt problems of the mouth
  • Inspect for tooth decay and cavities
  • Looks for signs of gingivitis or other periodontal diseases
  • Clean the tooth thoroughly

The entire process should not take more than 45 minutes. Our thorough cleaning and polishing of the teeth will remove any tartar or plague those have gathered on the surface of the teeth and give it a natural shine. It is recommended that you visit our clinic with your child every six months in order to give your child an impeccable oral health. Such visits also helps you to clear any query with the dentist that you may have about your child’s dental health.


A dental crown is like a cap which sits in shape of a tooth which sits on top of another tooth. Dental crowns cover the entire tooth above the gum when fixed properly. They are used to improve the size, shape and appearance of a slightly damaged tooth.
Baby teeth that show evidence of extensive decay, with two or more surfaces affected, can sometimes be saved through the use of a crown. Crowns if placed correctly and at the right time can save the child from undergoing the process of extraction or even child root canal.
During the process, local anaesthesia is used to numb the senses of the child. After this, the infected tooth is cleared off of the infection. A dental crown of the right size is then placed over the tooth in order to restore the crown.


Sometimes it is necessary to remove the tooth surgically. Few teeth have long roots so deeply embedded in the gum that they do not fall on their own. So, they have to be taken out manually for permanent teeth to erupt. At other times, the teeth may develop cavities which can give rise to tooth decay. If the decay is deep, it poses a risk to the health of surrounding teeth. In such cases, the infected tooth must be rooted out.
Child dental extractions are mostly carried under the effect of sedation. A child’s inability to remain immobile during the extraction process can sabotage the entire process and cause complications. The decision to administer the kind of anaesthesia depends upon the dentists. You too as a parent can talk about your reservations and preferences about anaesthesia to the dentist.


Dental filling is a procedure to fill in cavities in teeth which may have developed due to infection or enamel erosion. Dental filling is also to repair broken teeth which have worn over time. It involves restoring the damaged by filling it with amalgam compound after the affected or decayed area has been removed.

Fillings may be required to fill cavities in children. Filings may be made up of gold, porcelain or composite. Newer filling materials mimic the appearance of the teeth and are made up of ceramic and plastic compounds. Fillings may be single or multi-layered. They may sometimes require paying multiple visits to our clinic.

Fluoride Treatment

Children love sweets, and so do mouth germs. This is what makes a child’s teeth very prone to cavities, plaques and decay. A fluoride treatment is a quick and effective way of preventing all of these. A fluoride treatment almost guarantees decay free teeth for your child for atleast six months.


Children are prone to accidents especially the ones who engage in adventure sports. Mouthguards are recommended for such children by the Indian Dental Association. Mouthguards are known to protect a child’s teeth and gums from injury. There are three types of mouthguards available, namely the pre-made, the boil and bite, and the custom made. The best mouthguards are those which are tear-resistant, comfortable and well-fitted for your mouth, easy to keep clean, and do not prevent your child from breathing properly. Our doctors will help you find the most suitable mouthguards depending upon your child and his/her needs.


Bruxism is a condition in which people grind their teeth during the state of sleep. Most people are unaware about this grinding because it happens during the state of sleep. If your child often wakes up with jaw pain, earaches, or headaches, or if you see your child clenching or grinding

Root Canal

If your child has a permanent tooth with a diseased nerve, he/she will have to undergo a root canal treatment in order to save the tooth. The treatment starts with a X-ray of the tooth. The X-ray helps in determining the shape of the root canal and in inspecting the spread of infection in surrounding bones.

A rubber dam is next placed inside the mouth in order to keep the mouth dry and free from saliva. A hole will be drilled into the tooth to get access inside. The infected part, along with the pulp and broken debris is then taken out using root canal files. The tooth is periodically cleaned using water or sodium hypochlorite solution.

After cleaning the tooth, the dentist decides when to seal the teeth. A filling is used to fill the access hole. The tooth is finally restored by using a number of techniques.

RCT is usually a very dreaded treatment and children and adults fear it alike. However, at Whitezone dental clinic, we believe in painless procedure and hence all our RCT procedures are completely painless.


Dental sealants are plastic resin bonds that reach narrow grooves between the teeth of your child and harden there, thus smoothening the entire surface. In absence of the sealant, the toothbrush often fails to reach these gaps. This might lead to tooth decay in the long run.  By closing these gaps sealants prevent the grown of germs between them. Sealants are a preventive measure against tooth decay and we all agree that prevention is better than cure. Sealants at whitezone are administered in a way that they last really long. Some of our teenage patients had their sealants intact even in their adulthood.


Veneers are thin coverings that placed on the outer side of the front teeth. Veneers are an effective way of hiding chipped or crooked tooth. Veneers are available in a number of varieties; the most preferred being the porcelain veneers. Porcelain Veneers are the most advisable because they are long lasting and easily match the natural shade of the teeth. They do not stain easily as well.

Veneers allow your child to smile freely without the apprehension of gaps, chips, stains, or misshapen teeth. They give your child a more confident and happy smile. Our Veneers are known to stay true to its colour for long duration without acquiring stains.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

The last set of molars is called wisdom teeth and they appear in teens or early adulthood. Most of the times are, they are misaligned and are needed to be removed. The removal procedure is painful and expensive. However, Whitezone dental clinic believes in providing smiles painlessly and for a price of dime. Therefore, our wisdom teeth removal procedure is completely painless.

Though people generally prefer getting their wisdom teeth removed at a later stage in their life, getting them removed during your teens is also advisable. During the teenage years, the roots of the bones are not totally formed and the bone surrounding the teeth is also less dense. This allows for easier extraction and quicker recovery.

Digital X-rays

Traditional imaging techniques are not considered safe for children. We believe that children should be exposed to as little radiation as possible. Therefore, at whitezone dental we employ digital imaging techniques. Another advantage of digital x-rays is that the result can instantly be viewed on the screen. Whitezone is one of the few clinics to have latest equipments like the digital X-ray. Digital x-ray is better for your child and for the environment. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

Sedation and Child Dentistry

Few children go cold on the thought of going to a dentist. They also have difficulty in sitting for long periods at the same time. Few children do not stay numb for a long time despite giving them anaesthesia. To overcome these challenges dentists suggest giving children mild or deep sedation depending upon the child anxiety and complexity of the procedure. The sedation is either administered either orally or through sedation. This allows the entire procedure to go smoothly. The child does not even have the memory of the procedure. Couple this with the quick healing techniques unique to whitezone, and we have a winning formula of child dentistry at hands.

It may be pointed the amount of sedation should be chosen by an unerring dentists as it requires judgment and expertise. The doctors at whitezone have both of these qualities and it is one of the reasons why whitezone is the safest clinic for child dentistry in Kolkata.


How Long Do The Procedures Take?

The duration of the treatment depends upon the child and the treatment. Some procedures can be completed on the same day while some may require multiple visits.

Is The Procedure Painful?

Modern technologies and equipments have drastically reduced the pain associated with dentistry. Child dentists often go out of their way to make the process even less painful for the little humans. And in consistency with our belief of delivering painless smiles, we have developed techniques which are minimally invasive and completely painless.

How Much Is The Cost Of The Procedure?

The cost of the procedure depends upon the child and his/her oral health. Since child dentistry covers a huge spectrum of services, approximating the cost is not possible. However, at whitezone you are guaranteed to receive the best value for your money and the best smile on your child’s face.

Are The Procedure Safe?

All procedures at Whitezone are carried with the maximum precaution and expertise. We pride ourselves on our success rate in child dentistry.


What Makes Whitezone The Best Dental Clinic For Child Dentistry?

  • Our procedure is completely painless – We believe in delivering painless smiles and all are procedures are designed keeping this in mind.
  • We complete the entire process in the least number of possible appointments – We understand that repeated visits for the same procedure can be exhausting children. Therefore we finish all our services in the least number of appointments. But we never compromise on quality. Despite the least number of sittings, we adhere to the high quality safety standards we have set for ourselves.
  • Attractive packages available – We believe in returning huge Return on Investment to our customers and hence we provide the best smile makeover packages. It is not only value for money; it is based upon our belief of value for health.
  • 100% success rate – Our expert doctors and tested techniques have made sure that none of our procedures fail. Our success is our happy and healthy children.
  • No history of post-process complexities – We offer post process support and take care of the children till the time they completely heal. This makes sure that our children do not face any post procedure complication.
  • Latest Equipments – All our equipments are latest and are thoroughly maintained. There is no room for faulty and obsolete instruments in Whitezone Clinic.
  • Sterile Environment – We understand the importance of maintaining a germ-free environment, especially for the little ones, and so we sterilize the equipments and the clinic environment after every process.
  • Hospitable Staffs – Going through a surgical process can be mentally draining for the child and we understand this. Therefore our staffs are trained to be compassionate and help your child in every possible way.
  • Least Invasive Procedures – Our procedures are designed in such a way that they are least invasive but provide massive effectiveness.
  • Long-lasting – All our procedures and appratuses have a longer life than other clinics. With proper care, they last for more than 10 years.