Smile designing in Kolkata

The Significance Of Smile

The process of teeth development in children starts soon after the child reaches the age of six months. This start of this development is subjective and may vary from child to child. These teeth are deciduous teeth. When the child reaches the age of 6-7 years, these teeth fall. They are replaced by a set of permanent teeth. Even though the first set of teeth in children is temporary, their maintenance is important; otherwise they may be decay or acquire other diseases which can cause lifelong pain and complications


What Is Smile Designing?

A smile makeover is the process of enhancing the quality of one’s smile using one or more cosmetic procedures. The number and extent of procedures involved will differ from individual to individual. Skin tone, facial appearance, gum tissue, lip, tooth color, tooth width and tooth shape are some of the factors that are considered when designing a smile. Personal preferences and opinions of the patient are also considered.


Who Needs A Smile Designing?

Anyone who is not happy with their current smile is a candidate for smile designing. Anyone who is not confident about smiling in public is a candidate or smile designing. The ones, who feel that they are unable to advance in their career, should undergo smile makeover. People who believe their unpleasant smile is the reason for their awkward social interaction, who fear the spotlight because it may expose their weak smile, the one with chipped, misaligned or stained tooth or asymmetrical smile line should consider reconstructing their smile.


Doctors at whitezone dental clinic will give you the most coherent advice as to what kind of smile reconstruction you should undergo. We are the best dental clinic for smile design in Kolkata.

What Are The Different Aspects Of Smile That Can Be Improved With The Help Of Smile Designing?


A dentist will study your teeth and then decide the various procedures that you may need in order to achieve that dream smile of yours. Nevertheless, a smile designing done well can emulate a number of benefits. Some of these are:

Tooth Color – Various amalgam fillings can be used to improve the colour of the natural teeth. Teeth can get stained and discolored due to bad hygiene, age or infection. Therefore, white teeth are a sign of youth and good hygiene. The dentist uses various teeth whitening techniques to give you that perfect shade of white.

Spacing And Alignment – Crooked and misaligned teeth give smile a bad outlook. Uneven spacing between teeth creates gaps in smile which looks unattractive. Aligners and veneers can be used to solve this problem.

Missing Teeth – One of more missing teeth can negatively impact the appearance of your smile. The gaps created look unpleasant and a lot of people do not smile freely, fearing that it might expose their gaps. Missing teeth can also disorient the shape of the mouth and may cause other complications. The problem of missing teeth is addressed using dental implants, bridges and dentures.

Teeth Harmony – Uneven or chipped teeth can disturb the overall harmony of the smile. Re-contouring and other cosmetic processes can fix this.

Features Of An Ideal Smile

Though we believe that every smile is beautiful in its own way and there should be no standardized protocol as to what should universally be considered beautiful, there a few traits of smile that are mostly sought. Some of these are:

Horizontal Symmetry – Ideally, the imaginary line joining that two incisors and the line joining the centre of the pupil should be parallel to each other. This is known as the ideal Horizontal symmetry.

Vertical Symmetry – The human eye perceives symmetry as attractive.  A perfect smile has a vertical symmetry such that the midline dividing the smile runs through the vertical axis of the nose right up to the eyes.

Seamless Smile Line – The imaginary line joining the biting edge of all the teeth in the upper jaw creates the smile line. An ideal smile has the smile line flow along the curves of the lips.

Symmetrical Gum Line – The part of the gum which shows when a person smiles is called the gum line. The gum line should be symmetrical such that only pink triangles of the gums should be seen while smiling.

The Ideal Proportion – The ideal ratio between the surfaces of visible teeth while smiling is 1.6:1:0.6. It is also known as the golden proportion and it deemed to be very pleasing to the human eye.

Consistent Embrasure Space – The natural triangle space between the tips of the teeth are called embrasures. Ideally, the embrasures should be smaller for the front teeth and they should grow along the curvature of the smile. Round embrasures are considered feminine while square embrasures are considered masculine.

Vision Of Whitezone Dental Clinic

Traditionally, cosmetic dentistry treatment was limited to celebrities and the ultra rich. But whitezone believes in providing everlasting smile for a dime; and therefore we provide cosmetic services like smile design at bargain prices, which not only you that perfect smile, but delivers it at a price which remains unmatched to this day.

Doctors at Whitezone are dedicated professional who go lengths to ensure a smile on the patient’s face. And they make sure that this smile is neither crooked nor blemished.

What Is The Cost Of A Complete Smile Design?

As mentioned earlier, smile designing is a highly customizable process. The cost and duration can vary greatly from individual to individual depending upon their oral health, opted restoration techniques and the extent of smile makeover needed.

The duration or cost of the treatment may increase if the dentist finds any kind of infection or oral health issues which needs treatment prior to the makeover

But be assured, at whitezone you will get the best care at the most affordable price. It is for a reason that whitezone is the best place for smile designing in Kolkata.

What Are The Various Cosmetic Dental Procedures Used In Smile Designing?

During the first appointment, the dentist will analyze your mouth for infection or disease. If infection is found, the dentist will treat this first. The next step involves taking pictures of the teeth, jaw and the lips. After studying these pictures, the dentist will propose the treatment plan that will suit you. Since the treatment is customizable, you can give your input and explain the dentist exactly what you want. After a thorough discussion, the dentist will chalk out a treatment plan for you. He will let you know the cost and duration needed for the treatment.

In order to achieve the perfect smile, doctors use a number of cosmetic restoration techniques. Some of these are:

Porcelain Veneers – Veneers are thin coverings that placed on the outer side of the front teeth. Veneers are an effective way of hiding chipped or crooked tooth. Veneers are available in a number of varieties; the most preferred being the porcelain veneers. Porcelain Veneers are the most advisable because they are long lasting and easily match the natural shade of the teeth. They do not stain easily as well.

White Fillings – These are used to fill a cavity in a tooth or replace existing fillings. Traditional fillings are made of silver amalgam and are easily conspicuous. White fillings on the other hand match the natural colour of the teeth and are hard to notice.

Porcelain Dental Crown – Crowns are cap-like structures used to cover the enamel of a weathered tooth. They can be made up of metal or porcelain. Porcelain crowns are used in smile designing procedures because they match the natural colour of the tooth and last long.

Braces – Braces are used to straighten misaligned teeth. They are available in a number of varieties. Ceramic braces are of the colour of the teeth. Invisible braces are expensive but totally inconspicuous.

Teeth Whitening – Teeth whitening is the name given to a number of procedures used to improve the colour of yellow or stained teeth. Teeth whitening is the fastest way to change the appeal of one’s smile. Whitening is often the final act in any smile design plan.

Digital Smile Design (DSD) – What Is It?

Digital smile design is one of the most advanced procedures in the world of dentistry. It is like neural handshake between digital technology and human emotions. The technology is based upon the use of digital technologies in order to develop three dimensional model of the patient’s dental proportion. A series of photograph of the patient’s face is then taken. By studying and comparing these gathered data, a unique yet perfect smile is designed for the patient. The best part about the entire procedure is that the patient exactly knows how will the makeover look like, and the doctors go ahead with the designing process only after the patient is completely satisfied.

Why Is DSD Better Than Traditional Smile Designing?

Although dentists at whitezone have an enviable history when it comes to satisfying patients with their smile design, DSD takes this experience a step further. Here a few reasons why DSD trumps traditional smile designing:

  1. You are in charge- Traditionally a patient has to trust the doctor’s vision when it comes to smile design. But DSD allows the patient to visually see the proposed course of treatment and propose changes if they are not satisfied with the draft.
  2. Eliminates miscommunication – The patients are not dental expert and so they sometimes fail to comprehend with words of the dentist. Even dentists seldom fail to understand what the patient wants. These conduits of miscommunication are eradicated with the use of DSD.
  3. Better diagnosis – DSD is much more advanced than traditional smile designing. The procedure involves a more advanced way to diagnose issues with the structural components within the mouth and jaw, as well as an intraoral and extra-oral evaluation to assess the aesthetics of the mouth. So the chance of cavities and infection going undiagnosed is minimized. This results in foolproof treatment plan.
  4. Predictability – Due to digital imaging and detailed discussion about the treatment plan, the process becomes unambiguous. Patients exactly know what to expect.
  5. Greater rate of customer satisfaction – As mentioned earlier, the entire DSD procedure is unambiguous and highly predictable. The absence of miscommunication helps in eliminating dissonance between doctors and patients, leading to greater satisfaction among patients.

Is The Procedure Safe?

Yes. The procedures involved in smile designing are very safe. The safety index is further improved at Whitezone dental clinic with our latest equipment and history of no post-process complexity.

How Long Does It Take To Recover?

As mentioned earlier, Smile Designing is a highly customizable procedure and the recovery time depends upon the extent of makeover, oral health and the procedures involved. But be assured that the recovery time at Whitezone is the least among all others dental clinics in Kolkata.

Are The Results Permanent?

The results of a smile designing is not permanent as restoration may wither over time. But the restoration at whitezone is guaranteed to last more than restorations from anywhere else.

What Steps Should Be Followed In Order To Maintain The Newly Designed Smile?

Apart from maintaining impeccable oral hygiene, there are a few things that should be followed in order to prolong the life of the restored teeth.

smile makeover in kolkata
  • Using abrasive toothpaste and brushes can erode the surfaces of the restored teeth, therefore only non abrasive toothpaste should be used.
  • Flossing should regularly be done as it is an integral part of maintaining a newly designed smile, as removing plague and debris from every nook and corner of the mouth is of paramount importance.
  • Use of mouthwash is discouraged since they contain alcohol and alcohol is known to affect composite fillings negatively. Mouthwashes are also known to weaken the bond between various restorations in the mouth.
  • Foods with high sugar content should be avoided
  • Consumption of caffeine and alcoholic beverages should be limited
  • Teeth damaging habits like chewing on hard foods or opening bottle crowns using teeth should be avoided.

What Makes Whitezone The Best Dental Clinic For Smile Design?

  • Our procedure is completely painless – We believe in delivering painless smiles and all are procedures are designed keeping this in mind.
  • We complete the entire process in the least number of possible appointments – We understand that repeated visits for the same procedure can be exhausting for the patient. Therefore we finish all our services in the least number of appointments. But we never compromise on quality. Despite the least number of sittings, we adhere to the high quality safety standards we have set for ourselves.
  • Attractive packages available – We believe in returning huge Return on Investment to our customers and hence we provide the best smile makeover packages. It is not only value for money; it is based upon our belief of value for health.
  • 100% success rate – Our expert doctors and tested techniques have made sure that none of our procedures fail. Our success is our happy and healthy patients.
  • No history of post-process complexities – We offer post process support and take care of our patients till the time they completely heal. This makes sure that our patients do not face any post procedure complication.
  • Latest Equipments – All our equipments are latest and are thoroughly maintained. There is no room for faulty and obsolete instruments in Whitezone Clinic.
  • Sterile Environment – We understand the importance of maintaining a germ-free environment and we sterilize the equipment and the clinic environment after every process.
  • Hospitable Staffs – Going through a surgical process can be mentally draining and we understand this. Therefore our staffs are trained to be compassionate and help you in every possible way.
  • Least Invasive Procedures – Our procedures are designed in such a way that they are least invasive but provide massive effectiveness.
  • Long-lasting – Our Smile Designs last longer than designs at any other clinic. With proper care, they last for more than 10 years.