Why should you choose the Best Dental Implant in Kolkata for your oral health

If you are facing problems related to gum, teeth and mouth then you need to check your oral hygiene. In Kolkata you can find many dental clinics and their service ranges from low to high. Dental problems can be of different types like gum diseases and erosion of teeth, sometimes it can be painful if not treated. Dental implant is not related to gum and mouth as we can see it from the word itself. Dental implants make your teeth look natural, so you don’t need to worry about if it looks superficial after going through the procedure. If you want to know about the best dental implant in Kolkata , please keep reading.

Why Dental implant important?

Do you think all of us have beautiful smiles? The answer might be yes or no, but one thing we all will agree, we deserve a beautiful smile. We see some of the people have more attractive smiles than others. Have you ever thought about why? Because either their teeth are white unlike others who have stains on their teeth which makes them look less attractive or their teeth are in uniformity. So teeth play a huge role in making one look beautiful. So we can see dental implants are a life saving procedure for anyone who wants to fix their teeth.

What is a dental implant?

In dental implants doctors put the screw in their patients jawline and then put the crown on top of it. But without a strong jaw bone dental implant is not possible. (If the patient’s jaw bone is too soft then he/she needs to go through bone grafting first. That is a different procedure and you need to consult a doctor before taking dental implants in that case). Dental implant is not a simple procedure as it includes a series of steps. In dental implantation you need to give rest to that particular tooth because it needs a solid place for its healing. Some people confuse dental implants with dentures. Dental implant is used as a replacement of tooth roots so it is permanent in nature and in denture you can easily take it out because it has nothing to do with tooth root.

Reason for Dental Implantation

-If any of your tooth is absent or misplaced

-You slur or whistle while you speak and you want to improve your speech

-You want to make your smile look attractive

-Don’t want to go with dentures

There are three types of dental implants among which endosteal and subperiosteal are common.

Endosteal is the most common dental implant. It is ideal for patients who have adequate jawline. Patients should not have weaker gum because in this process the underlying bone has a direct connection. Though it is most common but has a higher risk of infection and injury.But if you consult with Whitzone dental clinic in kolkata they will definitely prioritize your safety first.

Subperiosteal includes a metal frame which is put in on the upper jaw line. Doctor recommended this for those who have a disintegrated jaw line. The usage of this process has declined over the last 10 years.

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Things to keep in mind if you are interested in dental implant

But if you are willing to take a dental implant. You must prepare yourself before that. Without your cooperation a successful dental implant is not possible. So You must stop taking tobacco because it will harm the process as any unnecessary activities in mouth might lead to hurt the process. You must have patience because it is a long procedure and might take some time.