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    Whitezone Dental Clinic – the best dental clinic in Kolkata.

    Whitezone has been redefining dentistry ever since its onset. With an enviable list of qualified
    doctors, experienced staffs and modern equipments, Whitezone has been a pioneer in
    revolutionizing the sphere of dental clinics in Kolkata.

    Located in South Kolkata in the Tollygunge locality, the clinic is easily accessible both by publicand private transport. So if accessibility is important to you, Whitezone will check your boxes.The vision behind the foundation of Whitezone dental clinic was to provide the whole spectrumof dental services at prices which could be afforded by the masses.

    It has evolved ever sinceand has made gradual improvements in every sphere of its service and now is an epitome ofdental excellence. No wonder, Whitezone dental clinic is the best dental clinic in Kolkata.

    What makes us the best ?
    1. Expert Doctors
    2. Latest Equipments
    3. One Stop Clinic
    4. Value for Money
    5.Sterile Ambience
    6.Hospitable Staff


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