Posted on September 26th, 2023

Teeth Cleaning Vs Teeth Whitening: Know which is suitable for you

Do you have a desire to have a more cheerful smile? Keeping your teeth healthy and attractive is crucial. Nowadays we all have a dynamic lifestyle with a wide variety of delicious food. The key distinctions between teeth cleaning and teeth whitening will be explained in this post, which will also assist you in locating the top dentist’s office in Kolkata for your oral health requirements.

Cleaning Your Teeth: The Basics

The cornerstone of proper oral hygiene is teeth cleaning, sometimes referred to as dental prophylaxis. It entails cleaning your teeth of stains, tartar, and plaque. This therapy is crucial for preventing gum infections and tooth decay. A dental hygienist utilizes specialized equipment during teeth cleaning to gently remove plaque that is not accessible with normal brushing and flossing.

A Whiter Smile with Whiter Teeth

However, teeth whitening is a cosmetic operation designed to improve the appearance of your smile. It focuses on bleaching your teeth and getting rid of persistent stains. Your self-confidence can be considerably increased by teeth whitening, which will also make you feel more at ease with your smile.

The difference between the Procedure

Teeth cleaning and teeth whitening procedures differ significantly in their processes:

Cleaning Your Teeth Procedure

The following steps are generally used to clean teeth:
1. An extensive analysis of your dental health.
2. Using specialist instruments, plaque and tartar can be removed.
3. Using polish to get rid of surface spots.
4. Fluoridation for additional protection.

Procedure for Whitening Teeth

On the other hand, teeth whitening typically entails:
1. Applying a whitening solution or gel.
2. Activation of the bleaching agent by a laser or special light.
3. To attain the correct amount of whitening, multiple treatments are required.

Cost Comparison

In general, teeth cleaning is less expensive than teeth whitening. The cost of the latter, which is regarded as a cosmetic surgery, varies according to the level of desired whitening. Although teeth whitening may not be covered by dental insurance, teeth cleaning is frequently covered as a preventive practice.

Before and After results

Understanding what each technique can do is crucial when choosing between teeth cleaning and teeth whitening. While teeth whitening improves the looks of your smile, teeth cleaning mostly concentrates on oral health. The finest of both worlds can be yours when you combine the two, giving you a beautiful and sparkling smile.


Good oral hygiene habits are necessary to maintain the outcomes of teeth cleaning and whitening. Maintaining the shine of your smile requires frequent brushing, flossing, and dental check-ups. Avoiding stains such as cigarettes and heavy coffee use might also be beneficial.

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