What are dentures?

Dentures are artificial teeth and gums that are meant to replace lost teeth. They are made inside the patient’s mouth so that they fit them perfectly. Dentures may be for made for the entire fleet of teeth, for a particular jaw or for specific missing teeth. They are usually made of hard resin and are required to be replaced every 5 years.

Who need dental dentures?

 Dentures are advisable to people who have either lost a few teeth or whose teeth need to be extracted due to infection, decay or gum diseases. They may also be needed by people with chewing problems.

How long does it take?

Getting dentures is a process unique to every individual. The entire duration depends upon the kind of dentures (partial or full) and the oral hygiene of the patient. If the process contains multiple extractions of existing teeth, the time frame may be elongated. A typical denture grafting usually takes 3-4 appointments.

Is the procedure painful?

Grafting of dentures itself is painless process. However, if there is extraction involved before grafting, there might be little pain involved. Though sedation dampens the pain during extraction, there might be swelling in the gums during the healing phase.

How much does it cost to get dentures?

 Since dentures grafting is a highly customisable process, the cost varies greatly from individual to individual. Full dentures will cost more as will dentures which succeed extraction of existing teeth.

Is the procedure safe?

Dentures are widely considered safe. However certain precaution needs to be taken. First, the dentures must fit the patient’s mouth perfectly and the adhesive should only be there for support. Secondly, the adhesive provided should be applied as directed by the dentist. Also, storing of dentures when not in use should be in accordance with the directions given so as to prevent growth of any microorganism which may cause infection.