The Best Dental Clinic In Kolkata

“Everlasting Smile For A Piece Of Dime.”

If that is what you are looking for then look no further than Whitezone Dental Clinic – the best
dental clinic in Kolkata.


Whitezone has been redefining dentistry ever since its onset. With an enviable list of qualified
doctors, experienced staffs and modern equipments, Whitezone has been a pioneer in
revolutionizing the sphere of dental clinics in Kolkata.

Located in South Kolkata in the Tollygunge locality, the clinic is easily accessible both by publicand private transport. So if accessibility is important to you, Whitezone will check your boxes.The vision behind the foundation of Whitezone dental clinic was to provide the whole spectrumof dental services at prices which could be afforded by the masses. It has evolved ever sinceand has made gradual improvements in every sphere of its service and now is an epitome ofdental excellence. No wonder, Whitezone dental clinic is the best dental clinic in Kolkata.

Now you may wonder what makes Whitezone the best in Kolkata.

What makes Whitezone stand out from the competition is the blend of certain Unique Selling Propositions along with reiteration of doing everything better than the rest.

Best Dental Clinic In Kolkata

Speciality Of The Clinic


  • A conglomeration of experienced and qualified doctors
  • Doctors treat patients with compassion
  • They cater to a host of dental needs, making Whitezone a multi-speciality dental clinic in its truest essence.


Whitezone dental clinic is one of the few dental enclaves in Kolkata to offer all services under one roof and the only one to offer all services with utmost perfection. The host of services that we offer are :

  • Dental Implants

A dental implant is a surgically positioned titanium post which allows a dentist to mount areplacement tooth to that area. Typically dental plants are inserted in the jaw bone underneaththe gum. Dental implants are amongst the safest dental procedures when done by trainedhands. Professionals at whitezone can get this procedure done with the utmost precision.

  • Root Canal Treatment (RTC)

Root canal treatment is needed when the tooth has suffered a trauma or an infection which affects its pulp. Root canal is a treatment done in order to save an infected and painful tooth. It involves sealing the tooth after removing the infected part of the tooth and blood vessels inside the tooth pulp. Though typical RCT procedures take multiple visits, the team at Whitezone ensures that appointments are kept to bare minimum. Single sitting RCT is also available.

  • Braces Treatment

Dental Braces are a frame-like device meant to straighten teeth and improve dental health. Braces are required by individual who face issues like overbites, underbites, incorrect jaw position, crowded teeth and certain disorders of the jaw joint. We do availability of all kinds of braces including metal, ceramic, lingual and invisible.

  • Smile Reconstruction

A smile reconstruction is a dental procedure in which teeth and gums are modified to create wider, whiter and straighter smiles. Smile makeover can help a desiring individual acquire a smile of his/her dreams. A smile makeover is for any individual who isn’t happy with his/her current smile. A smile makeover can make one look younger and more attractive. Some people attribute a good smile with career advancements. A good smile can give you the confidence and vibrancy to make leaps in your career.

  • Gums Infection

Gums may develop or acquire infection for various reasons. Common symptoms of infection may include swelling and bleeding. Less common symptoms include receding gums, chronic bad breath and loose teeth. Our doctors are expert at treating all kinds of infection, making us the very best in the entire city.

  • Child Dentist

Child dentists are specialized professionals who are dedicated to oral health of children right from infancy to their adolescence. Child dentists also care for patients with special needs. Some of the issues catered by paediatric dentists are late teething (little or no development of teeth in infants), misaligned teeth and tooth decay. Though milk teeth of children fall off at a certain age, their maintenance is important for overall hygiene of the child. Doctors are Whitezone can cater to needs of all age groups of children, from infant to late teenagers.

  • Dentures

Dentures are artificial teeth and gums that are meant to replace lost teeth. They are made inside the patient’s mouth so that they fit them perfectly. Dentures may be for made for the entire fleet of teeth, for a particular jaw or for specific missing teeth. They are usually made of hard resin and are required to be replaced every 5 years.

  • Dental filling

Dental filling is a procedure to fill in cavities in teeth which may have developed due to infection or enamel erosion. Dental filling is also to repair broken teeth which have worn over time. It involves restoring the damaged by filling it with amalgam compound after the affected or decayed area has been removed. Dental filling can sometimes cause pain but our special techniques eradicate most of it.

  • Fixed Teeth Replacement

Fixed Teeth replacements are of two types – Bridges and Crowns,

Dental bridges are appendages which bridge the gap created by one or more missing teeth. A bridge is made out of one or more crown adhered to natural teeth on either side. The two teeth which support the bridge are called abutment teeth. Bridges can be made of gold, silver, alloys or porcelain.

A dental crown is like a cap which sits in shape of a tooth which sits on top of another tooth. Dental crowns cover the entire tooth above the gum when fixed properly. They are used to improve the size, shape and appearance of a slightly damaged tooth.

  • Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a process of lightning the colour of the teeth. Traditionally, white teeth are considered more attractive. The lightning affect is achieved by either changing the natural colour of the teeth or by removing external stains. External whitening involves polishing of the teeth while intrinsic whitening involves absorption of gel by the teeth which changes its colour.

  • Wisdom Teeth Removal

The last set of molars is called wisdom teeth and they appear in teens or early adulthood. Most of the times are misaligned and are needed to be removed. The removal procedure is painful and expensive. However, we at Whitezone dental clinic pledge to give the most comforting experience at the best price possible.

  • All our equipments are the latest technology and are thoroughly maintained. Never has a patient complained about faulty machinery
  • Standard sterilization methods are followed to keep the equipments and the ambience of the clinic germ free
  •  Special steps are taken to cater to the needs of the children as to drive their fear away and make all processes painless
  •  All our services are provided at competitive prices where you get best value for money
  •  Special packages for certain services are also available
  • There are no hidden costs
  • All our staffs are certified
  • They are hospitable, friendly and well behaved
  • They under individual needs of patients and help them accordingly

We value our patients and believe that our duty is not over after completion of the service. We
extend our support to our patients even days after the process has been completed. All
grievances are addressed promptly and we don’t sigh relief till our patients are thoroughly

We have tried to enlist all factors which distinguish Whitezone from other dental clinics across
Kolkata and allow us to deliver exceptional dentistry with an exotic touch. But, in broad sense,
Whitezone Dental Clinic is an experience which is beyond words. Come with your problems and
leave with an experience and a smile.